How We Bill

McDowell & Jordan uses cost-plus billing. Cost-plus billing is transparent and helps you understand all the costs involved in your project. For most clients we use cost plus 10 percent because it is simple and transparent, and it allows us to proceed quickly with making your project a reality.

Under the cost plus 10 percent, you will get copies of invoices (or other records) to account for subcontractor costs, equipment rental, materials and supply, labor, and project management. We add 10 percent to those costs to determine the final cost to you.

We then invoice you for those costs (typically on a monthly basis throughout the life of the project). This allows you to manage project costs by exerting control over variables such as the cost of materials and supplies.

On some occasions, we may arrange a cost plus fee for some aspects of a project, if that seems more appropriate.

If you ever have any question about costs involved in your project or why we’re invoicing you for something, all you have to do is call. We are committed to being transparent in the way we bill and are happy to discuss any aspect of it.