Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions we often hear from clients and prospective clients. If you have a question that you don’t see answered here, please call or email. No question is too small.

What communities do you work in?
We do a great deal of work in the Triangle and Triad regions of North Carolina, including Chapel Hill, Mebane, Burlington, Elon, Greensboro, Jamestown, Winston-Salem, and other communities. We have worked across the state, but we choose to focus on the Triangle and Triad so that our principals (Josh McDowell and Barney Jordan) can be on our project sites most days.

I would like my project completed by a certain date. Can you handle that?
Setting a project schedule, including milestones and a target completion date, is part of the initial planning process that occurs once you engage McDowell & Jordan for your project. If you have a specific deadline in mind for your project, we will do our best to meet that deadline.

If it’s not feasible, due to the scale of the project or other factors, we’ll also tell you that and work with you to set the next best deadline. Deadlines in construction work are sometimes subject to factors, such as weather, that none of us have control over, but we keep clients updated on the project status throughout the process, so you always know where it stands.

I don’t have an architect or plans. Can you still help me?
Yes. For many projects, we handle drawing plans ourselves. For others, we may retain an engineer (when required), or we can work with you to choose appropriate pre-drawn blueprints or select an architect.

I’m working with an architect. Can you work with him?
Yes. We enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with architects during the design and construction project, and we believe that collaboration ultimately creates a superior outcome for you.

How much will my remodeling project cost?
Every project is different and costs can vary widely. The only way to know is to contact us so we can start the process of understanding your goals and your project and creating cost estimates.

How much does a custom home typically cost?
Custom home costs are subject to many variables. As every custom home is unique, it is difficult to generalize. If you have specific criteria, such as square footage already in mind, we can help you understand what similar custom home projects that we’ve done in the past have cost. However, the best thing is to allow us to create a cost estimate based on a detailed plan. We’re happy to discuss that process in more detail with you.

What kind of general contractor license do you have?
McDowell & Jordan has an unlimited builder’s license—the highest level of general contractor’s license available in North Carolina. It allows us to handle residential and commercial projects of any type and any size. In addition, we only work with subcontractors who are appropriately licensed for the work they are doing.

Do you handle commercial construction work?
Yes. We have experience with a variety of commercial construction projects, including new construction as well as repairs and renovations. We would be happy to discuss your commercial project.

Are you insured?
Yes. We carry full liability insurance and workers compensation policies; we put a high priority on safety and worksite cleanliness. We also insist that all of our subcontractors are properly insured.

How do we get started?
Call or email us. The first step is for us to meet individually to better understand your goals, vision, and desires so we can create cost estimates and a plan to fulfill that vision.